Midland Equine Transport - Terms & Conditions 
1. The client is the person who legally owns the horse/s during transit. Only this person or an agent acting with the knowledge, and on behalf, of the owner can enter into a contract with Midland Equine Transport. 
2. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure the horse is fit for transport. It is important that an honest account is given of the horse’s usual behaviour during loading and transit. This is to ensure that any unusual behaviour will be closely monitored during the journey to ensure the horse’s welfare. 
3. Please ensure the horse has a passport and this is in the possession of the driver for the duration of the journey. We will not be able to transport any horse without a passport. 
4. The owner is responsible for the horse/s at all times during loading/unloading and in transit. The owner is therefore liable for the costs to repair any damage caused by the horse. 
5. Midland Equine Transport cannot be held responsible for any damage to items you wish to travel in the horsebox. 
6. Midland Equine Transport will take all reasonable precautions to ensure a safe and comfortable journey for the horse. The horse is transported entirely at the owner’s risk. Midland Equine Transport shall not be liable for any injury or sickness (including fatal injury or sickness) of the horse howsoever arising unless caused by the negligence of Midland Equine Transport. 
7. It is recommended that the horse is insured for vet fees and that the insurance covers your horse in transit. 
8. Midland Equine Transport is under no obligation to provide any equipment for the transportation of the horse. The owner should provide all equipment they wish to be used. Midland Equine Transport may provide some equipment upon special request. There would be an extra charge to cover cleaning and disinfection of the equipment used. 
9. Midland Equine Transport shall be under no obligation to provide any equipment or assistance for loading or unloading your horse. Any equipment or assistance offered is done so entirely at the owner’s risk. Please let us know when booking if you will require assistance with loading/unloading your horse. 
10. Midland Equine Transport reserves the right to refuse to transport your horse should it become: unsettled/distressed or show signs of ill health. A call out fee will still be charged. 
11. Should the loading of your horse not be possible due to your horse not co-operating then the call out fee will still be charged. 
12. Should your horse take longer than 30 minutes to load, a charge of £5 for every additional 15 minutes will be added to the final total. 
13. If your horse is likely to be difficult to load or travel please let us know as we may need to make special arrangements or arrive slightly earlier to avoid delays. 
14. In the unlikely event of your horse becoming very unsettled or injured during transport the driver reserves the right to call out an emergency vet. The owner will be liable for any veterinary fees and any delays incurred. 
15. PAYMENTS – All payments to be made by BACS unless agreed in advance. A 15% deposit is required upon booking. Deposit is refundable if booking is cancelled more 72 hours prior to travel. Payment of balance is due 24 hours before travel. If cancellations are made after this time you will only be refunded 50% of the fees. 
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